Where Kristen Stands

City Council candidate Kristen Mobilia talks about her community advocacy in the district, her strong connection to the neighborhoods of District 8, and what she can offer to Boston in the role of city councilor.

Public Health & Safety

  • Prioritize an opioid crisis response plan
  • Strengthen community/police partnerships
  • Promote a diverse police force
  • Make our streets safe and accessible for all

Housing & Development

  • Greater community input on decision-making
  • Affordable housing across all incomes
  • Facilitate aging in community for older adults
  • Uphold historic preservation citywide

Why it’s so important to sign the petition: Boston Redevelopment Authority (BRA) – change is overdue!

Public Education

  • Support community-driven school initiatives
  • Increase equitable public education funding
  • Promote early childhood education
  • Increase technology partnerships in schools

Parks & Environment

  • Protect and improve parks and open spaces
  • Prioritize public transportation and efficiency
  • Address our city’s climate change challenges
  • Pursue innovative clean energy solutions