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I’ve been an urban gardener within the Fenway Victory Gardens (FVG) for almost 20 years, serving as President for 3 years and filling other board roles for 3 additional years. Being a member of the FVG is a great honor, as collectively we are stewards of 7.5 acres of historic city parkland – right in the center of Boston! This is our 75th anniversary, and we couldn’t be prouder of our community that welcomes all, shares gardening knowledge, and gives back in many ways (including food and flower donations to the Women’s Lunch Place in Back Bay).

As an urban gardener, I care for our public green space along with the Parks Department, share gardening knowledge, communicate with the City regarding public health/safety, assist fellow gardeners who have physical challenges, and work with local police and park rangers on safety and security. While we have a lot more going on than a typical community garden, we still have time plenty of time to focus on growing vegetables, herbs, flowers, and many other types of annual and perennial plantings.

A community garden is a place of equity.

Any resident of Boston has access to applying for membership with the Fenway Garden Society (FGS). As many say, “I don’t know what I did with my time before I became part of the FGS community.” We are an organization that is a microcosm within Boston. We have countless cultures, economic levels, and gardening expertise. This is a community for everyone who enjoys green space and fresh air!

Access to gardening space allows me to compost veggie scraps from my kitchen, grow my own organic and heirloom produce, harvest flowers to share with friends and family, spend time outdoors with neighbors, and experience the early morning scents and quiet of a city garden. All should have access to this amazing urban opportunity. We have visitors from across the city and the globe who marvel at our park, so we are constantly reminded of what a special space we have along the Emerald Necklace.

Become a member or join us for one of our many events ( We look forward to meeting you!

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