The words grateful, thankful, or deeply appreciative don’t quite capture how I feel about the support of family and friends during my 2017 campaign for Boston City Council. My parents and siblings have always been ready and willing to help; we’re a loyal family with a strong volunteering and advocacy gene. My sisters-in-law, cousins, aunts, uncles, nieces, and nephews helped in so many ways as well. And then my friends, new and old, from all parts of my life, have generously given so much support.

I am lucky and extremely thankful for my extended community. I’ll keep doing my part by continuing to work hard for the underserved and by inviting others to step up and join us. We are stronger when we share, listen, collaborate, and amplify a collective voice. The promise of progress is what drives me. Together we’ll lead change!

Enjoy your time this week with family and friends. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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