Where Kristen Stands

City Council candidate Kristen Mobilia talks about her community advocacy in the district, her strong connection to the neighborhoods of District 8, and what she can offer to Boston in the role of city councilor.

Parks & Environment

  • Protect and improve parks and open spaces
  • Prioritize public transportation and efficiency
  • Address our city’s climate change challenges
  • Pursue innovative clean energy solutions

This is an issue very close to my heart, having lived around some of the most cherished parklands and urban spaces in the country. We are blessed to have a culture in our city that respects and protects its existing public spaces and I will continue to pursue and support new initiatives, partnerships and legislation to both improve our parks and open spaces while also seeking out new opportunities to designate new areas for public access.

Do you personally walk to destinations in your community? If yes, how often do you do so?

Yes. I walk everyday in my community! Also, I regularly do long walks around District 8 and across Boston. My longest walk is from the Fenway to Castle Island and back.

Do you personally travel by/ use public transit to get around? If yes, which trains and buses do you routinely use?

Yes. The #55 bus is a favorite as its route starts in my neighborhood and ends at Park Street (or Copley Square in the evenings and weekends). As for the T, I take mostly the green and red lines but have ridden them all! Also, as my father lives outside the city, I’m no stranger to the commuter rail.

Do you personally bike in your community or commute by bike to other communities?

Yes. I bike quite often within Boston and outside the city (if I have time for a long ride on a weekend morning). Over the past several months, residents of District 8 may have noticed me cycling through our neighborhoods with 2 campaign posters attached to the rack on the back of my bike. I like making regular tours of our neighborhoods and take different streets from week to week. There is a lot to look at along the way, and I can also see where there are transportation, housing, retail, safety, etc. issues. I’ve been known to make some 311 submissions in the midst of my bike tours! As we build more housing and commercial space, we should encourage our residents to consider low climate impact travel options. Also, supporting biking is a natural connection for local schools that enroll thousands of students.

How will you improve the reach, frequency, and quality of public transit in your city/town?

One idea is to have groups of people surveying riders across all transit options during a month-long window. This could potentially be done through collaborations with local colleges, universities, and high schools, especially institutions with transportation/logistics programs. Additionally, we should continue initiatives that are already in process for Vision Zero. I’d also like to add that it is important to poll walkers as some may be avoiding using public transport for various reasons (speed, cleanliness, safety, etc.),

Public Health & Safety

  • Prioritize an opioid crisis response plan
  • Strengthen community/police partnerships
  • Promote a diverse police force
  • Make our streets safe and accessible for all

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Housing & Development

  • Greater community input on decision-making
  • Affordable housing across all incomes
  • Facilitate aging in community for older adults
  • Uphold historic preservation citywide

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Public Education

  • Support community-driven school initiatives
  • Increase equitable public education funding
  • Promote early childhood education
  • Increase technology partnerships in schools

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