What do you consider the most important functions of the City Council?

– Candidate question from the League of Women Voters of Massachusetts

“While the City Council creates local laws and approves the City’s budget each year, I think that the most important role to fulfill is connecting residents to resources. As a community leader, I know that we need more hands-on leadership within District 8. Community organizers and advocates like myself need to be able to count on a city councilor who is active and present every day in our neighborhoods; a leader who gets directly involved and knows how to engage community to get results.
Although District 8 is a very diverse area of Boston, it also has common goals shared by all 7 of its neighborhoods. The need for safe streets and parks, dependable transportation, aging in place and other issues, are opportunities for a city leader to connect residents to government contacts and services that lead to effective outcomes. I believe that we all need to contribute to truly make our neighborhoods and city better. A big part of that is voting! This election is not about politics, it’s about strengthening community.” – Kristen Mobilia