Boston City Council District 8 campaign team collecting signatures

Collecting Signatures to Compete in the 2017 Municipal Election

On Tuesday, May 2nd, my friend Chelsea met me at City Hall at 9:00 am to pick up nomination papers. We remarked about the diversity of candidates, which was great to see and very inspiring. The Boston municipal election process is all new to me, and I’ve been very impressed by the Election Office. The folks there definitely know what they’re doing, and they’re very friendly, patient, and efficient! There was a short training session, and from there we headed out to meet up with our volunteers – a big thank you to Karen, Marguerite, Peg, Tom, Elizabeth, Rick, Heather, and Bonnie!

We hit the streets of District 8 to ask for the 195 required signatures to get on the ballot as a City Council candidate. Our team spent both Tuesday and Wednesday speaking with fellow citizens and debating various neighborhood and city topics. We heard from people concerned about the basics of trash, traffic, and safety, as well as education, parks, and housing. While these are not new topics, they’re integral to our shared quality of life, and future growth across District 8.

It’s challenging to get the attention of busy Bostonians who are often on on their phones, rushing to get to work, school, appointments, or home to their families. However, when they do stop, they are engaged and ready to discuss the needs of their city block as well as the needs across all districts. As I mentioned to one signer, it is absolutely essential that candidates personally partake in the democratic process. Being out in the community this week has been a necessary and interesting learning opportunity. I’m thankful for the chance to speak with so many people. I logged 44,686 steps in two days and will keep going!

Looking forward to meeting you before the premiliminary election on September 26th and the final municipal election on November 7th, 2017. Make sure you are registered to vote.

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Boston City Hall

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