Kristen Mobilia Boston City Council Campaign Meet and Greet Back Bay

Our gracious hosts at Boston Olive Oil Co. provided a welcoming atmosphere for our first meet-and-greet. The campaign team and I chatted with voters about concerns and ideas for the immediate neighborhood, District 8, and Boston.

My first job out of college was at an architecture firm on Newbury Street, which allowed me to spend many afternoon lunches on the Comm. Ave. Mall and after work walks along the Esplanade. While the Back Bay has a wealth of public green spaces, there are still many concerns (such as gas leaks, traffic, historic preservation, affordable housing, opioid crisis, etc.) that need the focus and partnership of a devoted city councilor – and I have already laid the groundwork.

For years I have attended community police meetings at the First Church on Marlborough Street and know many of the D-4 police by name, like Captain Sweeney, Sgt. Freeman, and Officer Schuler. It is so important to understand their challenges and how we can help them to create safer public spaces.

I’ve been a member of the Friends of the Public Garden and the Esplanade Association. Both organizations provide essential support to our parks system. Boston would not be the vibrant city it is without the many residents who provide countless volunteer hours and generous funding for our public green spaces.

Newbury Street in Back Bay is a unique historic district that provides daily essentials to local residents and at the same time welcomes thousands upon thousands of visitors every year. As rents go up for housing and retail, many find it difficult to remain in the neighborhood. We need to get creative so that local businesses and longtime residents can afford to remain part of the community that they helped to build.

Kristen Mobilia Boston City Council Campaign Team 2019

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