“Our neighborhoods need more of a connection to City Hall. We need to strategically improve the day-to-day quality of life for all residents and make thoughtful long-term decisions to manage growth and preserve the uniqueness of our city.” – Kristen Mobilia

Kristen Mobilia

Boston City Council Candidate, District 8

Lifelong Boston Roots and Commitment to Community

Kristen Mobilia is a respected Boston community leader and advocate, a fourth-generation Bostonian, and a District 8 resident for the past two decades. The youngest of five siblings, she grew up just outside Boston in a predominantly Jewish community, which provided additional perspective to her family’s Catholic background. Her parents chose her hometown for its priority on public education and its progressive community. Kristen’s mother, a retired public school teacher and community advocate, grew up on Mission Hill, where Kristen’s Irish great-grandparents, grandparents, and many family members lived for generations. Kristen’s father and extended Italian family instilled in her a strong connection to the outdoors, gardens and nature, which underpins Kristen’s ongoing leadership in the continued development of Boston’s historic Fenway Victory Gardens.

Thanks to her family, Kristen has a strong work ethic, sense of fairness, respect for others, love of nature, an ability to see the silver lining in the toughest situations, and the motivation to start each day in a positive direction. Kristen maintains a fierce commitment to bettering her community, giving back and looking out for the underserved.

Blending a Business Background with Community Advocacy

Kristen offers over 20 years of executive experience in Finance, Operations and Human Resources and has held leadership roles in Boston professional services firms, as well as startups and non-profits. She earned her BA in Economics and Business from Colby College and her MBA from Northeastern University.

Kristen is a dedicated Boston community organizer and tireless volunteer – always ready to roll up her sleeves and work hard for the greater good. She currently serves her community providing leadership and managing 500+ community gardens in the center of Boston (3 years as president, 3 years as board member of the historic Fenway Garden Society). For 15 years, Kristen has played a role in city housing, serving as a trustee of the 74-unit Lincoln Halls Condo Association. She is an active member of numerous District 8 neighborhood organizations where she has brought community members together, formed action committees and taken initiative on issues related to public safety, transportation, and environmental concerns.

Kristen has the background and desire to play a broader role with regard to equitable, accessible and innovative education, affordable and integrated housing, green space and environmental stewardship, community building and safety, and the expansion of technology partnerships that benefit us all.

A Leader Who Inspires Engagement and Gets Results

As a community leader, Kristen has witnessed a real need for hands-on city council leadership within District 8. Community organizers and neighborhood advocates like Kristen need to be able to count on a city councilor who is active and present every day in our neighborhoods, a city councilor who gets directly involved and knows how to engage community and build consensus to get real results. There is a current leadership gap in District 8 City Council leadership, and Kristen has the experience, commitment, and community support to fill that.

“We should aim high and expect more from our elected representatives and ourselves.”

Kristen Mobilia is Making a Difference

Leading up to the 2017 election, Kristen knocked on doors and reached out to fellow residents in the seven neighborhoods of District 8 to involve everyone in the conversation. Kristen believes that we all need to contribute to truly make our neighborhoods and city better. A big part of that is voting for local representation!

Kristen Mobilia has the ability to better serve Boston’s diverse population by bringing the community’s voice to decision makers in our city government. This election is not about politics, it’s about strengthening community.

Getting the Job Done

Kristen knows how to bring community together – listening, understanding, going all in. She is ready to dig in and work tirelessly for all the residents of District 8. In a first challenge to the incumbent in the 2017 election for Boston City Council District 8, Kristen earned 33% of the vote. Kristen didn’t stop there – the day after the election, she was back out in the neighborhoods, participating in community meetings, working to understand challenges and mapping out how we can all work together and celebrate what we love about our city of Boston.

“Now and through the coming year, I respectfully ask for your vote in 2019 and the opportunity to represent you as your Boston City Councilor.” – Kristen Mobilia

Kristen is a member of
Fenway Civic Association Beacon Hill Civic Association Boston Ward 5 Democratic Committee Member Fenway Garden Society Fenway CDC Fenway Community Center Massachusetts Women’s Political Caucus Beacon Hill Women’s Forum The Garden Club of Back Bay Friends of the Public Garden Esplanade Association